Monday, 21 December 2015

What Does Christmas Look Like Around the World? 9 International Traditions

We are full swing with Christmas vibes at the Wolfestone office this year. We’re all wearing Christmas jumpers as we speak, spreading joy and putting our playlist on full – which is available below to spread cheer in your office, the commute or at home in front of a fire.

As we’re an international company with staff from all around, we started to discuss what Christmas looks like at home. That led us to the thought of ‘what does Christmas look like around the world?’
Not every country celebrates Christmas, of course, so below we gathered some of the traditions from around the world of the countries that do to celebrate a multilingual, multicultural Christmas.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Top 5 Things to Know About Multilingual SEO

You are probably sick of the term SEO. Everyone seems to bring it up, everyone seems to know what it is and can promise you that glorious first page, but no one gives definitive answers about how to do it. Now multilingual SEO one of the latest considerations in the world of topping rankings.

Years ago, there was a way to win easily with search engines and push yourself right to the top. Keyword stuffing and a tonne of links to yourself were all the rage, but the world of search engines has changed significantly.

Regular quality content pushes you up because search engines like activity. More than that, backlinks from reputable websites are ways to boost your website’s reputation rather than the old blackhat method of being put on directories.

Now that you know the basics of the world of search engine optimisation, the impact provided by translating your website in more languages is an aspect often overlooked. This is especially true if your business is currently in global markets. By translating your website, you will instantly boost your ranks.

That’s why we compiled this short list of the top 5 things to know about multilingual SEO and how they can benefit your business internationally.

Friday, 13 November 2015

6 Facts That Prove Renewable Energy is Global

Fuel suffers from being a finite amount. Renewable energy does not have this problem which is why the industry seeing an enormous growth annually. Many countries are now putting green initiatives as a main part of plans of action. The switch is happening now, but can you provide for the worldwide demand?

Renewable energy is a global sector and market. Despite the belief that it might be a more Western-centric idea, occurring more in North America and Europe, but the majority of countries in the top 10 are outside these continents. China, for example, has planned to produce 20% of their energy through renewable sources to wean off fossil fuels. The world is in demand of infinite energy. Don’t stay local. Take your business everywhere and here’s why you should do it.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Why Aren't You Exporting? Four Ways to Export Now!

Exports can seem a little out of reach for businesses, a feat reserved for the big companies, but it isn’t. You could be doing it right now. It is not as complicated as you believe, especially considering your ability to reach global markets without physically setting up an office out there.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Are You Prepared to Travel Through Translation?

Travel Further with Translation

As the World Travel Market event heads to London next week, we thought it would be fitting to look at how translation and other multilingual services play a role in the travel industry. Of course language goes hand-in-hand with translation, the necessity is undeniable. Everyone has tried picking up a phrase or two to say while in a foreign country, some making a mistake and accidentally personally insulting their family… but hey-ho, live and learn, right?

Thursday, 22 October 2015

AfterDeath Review

Five strangers wake-up dead on the beach after a nightclub got too full. They sit inside a mysterious cabin surrounded by an unusual monster and two paintings that may hold the answer to their questions… and perhaps their escape.

With the sign ‘Tabula Rasa’ and a black smoke monster, it is impossible to not draw similarities to Lost, the TV programme. Lost did not invent it all, of course, it drew on famous mythologies to interlock it with its own weird wonderfulness. Lost left some cold with its form, captured the imaginations of others and frustrated almost everyone due to its lack of answers. Back to the main focus of this review, though, AfterDeath does a worse job of controlling the mythology than the crazy, unplanned and writers’ strike riddled TV series that managed to make everything much more interesting even in this chaos. AfterDeath had a production much less tumultuous presumably and has managed to make nothing from it – none of the grandiose mythology, thrilling entertainment, intriguing characters, nor thought-provoking themes.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

FrightFest 2015 Coverage

FrightFest is one of the best genre film festivals around. It continually gives us sneak peeks at exciting prospects while allowing attendees to discover films from out of the blue. As always, the selection is eclectic and ranges from genre exploitation pictures like Stung to dramatic thrillers like Emelie (pictured above).

My FrightFest 2015 coverage is in two parts for Next Projection: Part 1 and Part 2.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Black Coal, Thin Ice Review

China has a lot of filmic potential and considering the size of its country, it feels like we do not receive enough artistic creations from the population leader. Around the large cityscapes are huge swathes of agrarian gorgeous land that is barely touched. With all the repression, poverty and negatives of the country, cut it and it’s bound to bleed noir. Diao Yi’nan’s does in this murder mystery that scars its ex-cop protagonist and continues to scratch it open for the next six years to make sure the wound is always raw. Sadly, the lack of disciplined filmmaking sags the middle like a leaking roof which restricts its ability to be great.

Bait Review

Dominic Brunt moved into directing with Before Dawn, a zombie film by the self-confessed zombie-obsessive. Now Dominic Brunt has turned to something all the too real for comfort: loan sharks. After the fast-paced zombies showing the inevitability of death during a dramatic crisis, this shows the inevitability of destruction that debt causes. Bait, also known internationally as The Taking, focuses on the characters in the unenviable position of ambitious business owners with the lack of credit behind them to put their plan into action. That is until they meet a generous stranger with a wallet of gold who is willing to be a silent partner in their café dream. What follows is more of a nightmare.

Ultimate Guide: Market Power of Translating Media

Let your media travel

There is no better time to accentuate this than now: domestic box-office is not as integral as it used to be. Hollywood relied on most of its gross coming from its own shores, but there are a few reasons for the sudden decline in influence. The first being piracy, no matter what people say it is detrimental to box office and becoming increasingly so in America and the UK to some degree; the second being that there is a realisation of the power of overseas market and the sheer potential by numbers; and thirdly, foreign markets now want to see these huge-scale blockbusters that only Hollywood has the resources to make. Hollywood is a global commodity. How does Hollywood reach these audiences? They use subtitle services and dubbing services according to each nation’s preference.