Friday, 17 December 2010

Politics and the ConDem(ned) Nation.

The big elephant in my room; politics. More specifically, the Conservatives. Now, the spark that kindled this rampage of thoughts were the riots and protests held today. For those who don’t know, read below and for those who do you can read if you want but there’s no point.

There was a protest about the cap on tuition fees being not only lifted but trebled to around £9000 per annum. That’s a ludicrous amount of money so students, potential students and people who just agreed tore through the streets of London. That I’m not sure about. Either way, they marched through London with banners, chants and so forth. This wasn’t because of the terrible Tory leadership but more the coalition government. It was more about the fact that Nick Clegg signed a pledge to “Fight against an increase in university fees” which we all know, won him quite a majority of votes. This is because of the students thinking “woo free uni” and such. This has turned out not to be the case (surprise!) and instead they’ve increased. They marched wanting Nick Clegg and the Tories out. They wanted them gone. Who can blame them? I’m with them on this. The protest turned violent with a minority who tore through a Conservative building and hijacked the roof with anarchy flags and such.

That protest and subsequent riot has made me angry. I’m not angry at the rioters and DEFINITELY not at the protesters because they have the right to do what they want. I’m annoyed that innocent people got hurt, including police officers who were just doing their jobs. What annoyed me was thinking about how the police officers were still doing their jobs and getting hurt even though there has been a massive spending cut on police, prisons and all things law. They were doing all that to protect a government which is going to cut a few thousands of their jobs and all things related to them. I know they had to but it’s just annoying that the Tories will literally learn nothing from this demonstration. This act of aggression is the first of many and people are preparing for that. The Tories were protected from people who they could make redundant. Ironic.

Before I move onto the budget cuts which will infuriate me I’d like to mention Nick Clegg. The lapdog of David Cameron. The man who literally has a whisper in Cameron’s mansion home while Cameron is having a cocktail party in his garden by the pool. A sign reads “no dogs allowed” so Clegg patiently sits outside with his list of propositions which will be ignored and perhaps even dirtied and soiled. Nick Clegg actually signed a pledge to “fight against an increase in tuition fees” and in his manifesto he claimed he was going to get rid of tuition fees altogether in five years. There’s his key demographic. Late teens and people in their young 20s. They all say “wow he could do something” and vote for him thinking that maybe the whole tuition fees and legalising cannabis thing might actually happen. The students praise and applaud a na├»ve man who has a glimmer of hope. This, obviously, fell through and then he got a sniff of power and greed took him. Greed is something which a lot of politicians must have as a mandatory and potentially innate trait. Nick Clegg promised he’d stay true to the LibDems words and not let Cameron get away with everything. He said he had a voice. He was wrong and I think he knew it. He’s been a lapdog, nothing more than someone who stands on the sidelines with his tail between his legs and afraid to park in case he gets sent outside for the night. He’s scared to voice his opinions and even now he’s changed his opinions to suit Cameron. Great to see that people sell out so easily and they run our country. The coalition has broken down.

Another problem they don’t see by raising tuition fees is that many people won’t go to university. This means a lot of talent will go to waste, a not of natural cleverness will go to waste in a dead end job because they couldn’t afford higher education. In what world is that fair? This means that the rich will get degrees and they’ll get jobs and get even richer whilst the poor struggle as they won’t even be able to get public sector jobs as they’ll be gone. People with degrees will not be the best any more, they’ll just be the people who could afford it. This means I couldn’t go to uni as I come from a very poor household, there is no way I could afford it. This means I would struggle to find a good job and struggle to get people to realise that I’m a lot more intelligent than my non-existent university degree says.

My mum is a nurse and complains about how understaffed her ward is. Luckily for her, she’s leaving to foster but this is why she’s leaving because otherwise she’d be screwed. She wouldn’t be able to carry on that job until 67 (the now new retirement age) because she lifts and lifts people all the time. The rich think that poor people don’t work hard and that’s why they don’t deserve such help and stuff. My mum has probably worked harder than a very high percentage of those and gets nothing for it but according to them she does nothing. I know someone who suffers from an invisible disease which has flares, just like my nan’s Polymyalgia, so they’re very unreliable which isn’t their fault at all. The doctor and assessors have now said that they could work as they’re not in pain that much. They come over and assess them on ONE day and as it’s something which is inconsistent, how does that make sense? They’ve now ceased their benefits and they can’t receive anything because they’re claimed to be fine. The appeal could take a year. How is that just? How is that fair? It isn’t but it’s the type of thing that the government condone in an effort to slash budgets, to cut bills yet none of them will take a pay decrease? Because it directly affects them and that’s just an outlandish and slanderous idea. We’re supposed to be living an age of fairness and justice yet this is the most unfair and unjust thing I’ve seen. I’d gladly be a testimonial to them as they do struggle and I see no way in them being consistently working even though they WANT to work. That makes sense, condemn someone who can’t work but actually wants to.

A protest song I heard earlier. Students are creative.

Oh Nick Clegg is a Tory! He wears a Tory hat! Oh Nick Clegg is a Tory! And now a massive twat!

Right, now let’s go on to their “budget cuts” which were proposed by the ever fantastic, George Osborne. He’s proposed to cut so much money that it’s pointless to even invest in the first place. As you’ll see below, they are severe. A total saving of £81bn in four years. It seems good that Britain can afford to save that money but the truth is, we can’t. The amount of jobs that will vanish are insane. By doing this they’ll probably attempt a privatisation of the public services to try and revive the jobs but it still won’t be enough. The amount of jobs that will be lost will mean more people who are unemployed and we’re at a peak of unemployment too. This will rip the economy to shreds as there will be no money being pumped into it because people won’t be able to afford anything. How do they expect us to grow if they do that? They’re sending us backwards, in this recession. They’re trying to get us out of debt when Japan are still borrowing and are in FOUR TIMES as much debt as us so why is it so necessary? Do they think Britain will get repossessed? “Oh, Britain…for your crippling debt we’re going to have to auction off Scunthorpe.” No! That’s not how it works! Why not reassemble the economy before making such insane cuts? Yet again, how can I see but they can’t. It baffles me. This could lead to a standstill on inflation and potentially a deflation. The pound will drop which will be good for exports as people will buy more from us as it’s at a cheaper price but it still won’t do enough.

  • £81bn cut from public spending over four years
  • 19% average departmental cuts - less than the 25% expected
  • £7bn extra welfare cuts, including changes to incapacity, housing benefit and tax credits
  • £3.5bn increase in public sector pension employee contributions
  • Rise in state pension age brought forward
  • 7% cut for local councils from April next year
  • Permanent bank levy
  • Rail fares to rise 3% above inflation from 2012

These cuts will result in a loss of 500,000 jobs in the UK with the worst hit city being Swansea. Fantastic. How do they get into power? Greed. That’s how. The greed of the British public who are rich and want to be unnecessarily richer and then there are the people masquerading as a rich person and trying to fit into the persona. I’m ashamed to say that my dad and his girlfriend are the latter of the descriptions. It is a sad thing that they’re so ignorant. My dad doesn’t know anything about politics but he just listens to his idiotic girlfriend who is as pretentious as they come. She actually believes The Sun is all fact and no lie. Her opinion is blatantly invalid.

This is what the Tories do best. Short term fixes, which barely fix anything but cause even greater long term problems. If an eighteen year old has no trouble in seeing this then how don’t they? Do they not realise how many lives they’re effecting and potentially ruining? That’s the biggest problem with the Tories. They have no real life experience considering they grew up in such favoured surroundings. They were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They know no one who struggles or who has ever struggled in their life. They would probably cast them aside and brush them away in fear of being sullied by them. They all went to Eton College, they all went to Oxbridge, LSE and other prestigious universities because of connections and money. It’s good to know the education system is also corrupt. They’ve essentially made Britain more of an under-progressed, suppressed cesspool of wasted talent. As long as they persevere though why in the world would they care?

I’ve hit the wall so that’s all I’ll be touching on in this post, I apologise if it’s ended abruptly. Just remember, as long as the coalition or rather the Conservatives are in charge there is on simple word to describe us. Fucked.

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