Friday, 17 December 2010

We're all selfish.

There is no way you can please everyone in the world and this is because of one reason, selfishness. Everyone has a sort of ego or God-complex thing going on and they all truly believe that the world should be catered to suit their needs and their needs only. It’s weird how something so common like this can go unnoticed and no one would have actually realised how selfish the entire world is. But why is this?

Just a note: When I say everybody, I mean the majority of people and I’m leaving out (what I personally believe to be) a pretty small minority since I think a lot of the world is selfish. I’m not saying every single person in the world is, mostly the people in charge really. I realised after posting this that I was saying everybody was the same but I didn’t mean that, I only meant the leaders and the majority of people. This is just my opinion after all.

So where does this selfishness come from? Does it stem from self-importance? Arrogance? The fact that they’re always right? They could run the world better? Probably all of these. The sad truth is, that there are very few genuine nice people out there or people who actually realise that there are bigger problems than themselves. Am I saying I’m one of these fantastic people? Not really, I’m just the same as everyone else. I put my needs in front of others because that’s in our nature. It’s in our nature to provide and care for ourselves, to look out for ourselves and want things our way. We’re just naturally selfish but, we’re also smart enough to stop nature in its tracks since we can adapt our personalities and our thinking.

Let me explain where all this came from. It comes from a few things. The first of these, are the tuition fees, the protests and the latest Welsh Assembly decision. I’m against the increase in tuition fees and the destruction of the EMA system so don’t think I’m being hypocritical about my last post because I’m not agreeing or condoning what the coalition (Tory) government planned. I’m just saying that a lot of students are now taking to the streets even though it doesn’t affect them but I think a lot of them think it does. That’s not selfish, I know. They’re standing up for what they think is right. But is it for the right reasons? Are they actually doing it because they think it’s wrong or because it’s better suited to them? The majority of these are probably only doing this because they’re currently students. A lot of people I know are against the tuition fee increase and now the subsidy that the Welsh Assembly are offering has silenced the Welsh students because now it doesn’t matter to them (us). This is because our work is done, our tuition fees are fine so a lot of people will actually stop fighting for what is right. Or will they? I hope not because that’ll prove me wrong and I don’t want to be right about this, I really don’t so let’s hope the students prove me wrong.

What I’m saying is that a lot of people are complaining about the government because they don’t consider them, when they more than likely do but just ignore it. The thing is, the government don’t even want to cater to the majority really, not this one anyway. This current government is looking out for two things, the rich and the English. If you’re poor then you’re nothing but a poor peasant who doesn’t deserve anything. Their elitist views are what make them selfish and uneducated, which is a surprise since they all went to “top schools” and a “top university.” I think that their privileged education gave them an understanding of how better they are. Most of the people who are in parliament didn’t even pay for university, so they have no idea what it’s like to struggle for money. Now they’re selfishly trying to protect their wealth by not letting it getting eaten up by taxes, even though that’s where their salary comes from.

I know a lot of people say they could be a better Prime Minister. A lot said that about Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. I stand behind Gordon Brown, considering he’s possibly one of the most intelligent men we had in charge of this country and our economy but because his smile eats your soul and he’s uncharismatic…and Scottish (believe it or not, that’s a factor) then he got kicked out. Kicked out, for a man who wears fake tan, proposes change to the UK when he’s nothing but a Tory who lies. He lies and slanders others because he can’t actually fight with his own policies because the majority of the UK would say no to those policies. He has to slander and scrape at any mistake made just because he has no chance.

Sorry, I’m ranting. What I’m trying to say is that a lot of people say they can do better but if they did try, they’d just cater for themselves. They wouldn’t try to actually please the majority. They’d selfishly fend for themselves and they wouldn’t actually care a tiny bit about the majority and that’s where they get led astray. By power. By greed. By the ability to help themselves only. It’s hard to actually find a person who would actually stand up for the majority and what is right in a democratic country, even if it hindered them slightly. I’d like to think I would actually do these things but when I think about the policies I’d introduce or the type of changes I’d like to do I’m not so sure. So how can I hypocritically write about selfishness? I know what I’d do is not punish the rich for being richer, but I wouldn’t punish the poor for that either. It’s a tricky situation to work around.

Now, let me engage you in why I think the EMA scheme shouldn’t be scrapped, just maybe a bit more regulated. My girlfriend actually uses her EMA for education. She uses it to buy supplies for her diploma and it’s a pretty expensive course since she has to fund everything herself, including a camera for photography. She uses it responsibly but she does treat herself so she’s not perfect, but who is? It’s free money. I’m the worst for it, I don’t think I’ve used much money for my education - except for petrol because it’s a necessity to get to school and back since I don’t qualify for the bus any more. That’s it. I suppose my computer could count for educational reasons but I’m not going to lie, I bought a very good computer for gaming mostly. What I’m trying to say is, maybe you should have to claim EMA as a sort of expense. That’s the only way I can see it being regulated properly and going to people who truly use it for that and not an under-age night out in town. Of course, that would cost quite a bit and require a lot of human resources but they’d save a lot of money and on the money they save they could hire or train their current staff to deal with it. The money they’d save from giving it to people who actually don’t use it for education would be huge and there’d be more jobs in the world. Win, win situation? I think so. I just actually said to slash my only income, that’s a bit idiotic of me but I actually can’t find a job but at least I’ve tried. My CVs are probably unread and dusty in these places. Either that or thrown in a bin and possibly recycled at best.

At the end of the day, in a selfish, dog-eat-dog world we all do what is necessary. The famous “survival of the fittest” quote which has been iterated so many times for so many different topics. It’s applicable here and it will be applicable in many other aspects, but it is more relevant here. Survival of the fittest, the key word is survival. We do what we think will best suit ourselves and we do it selfishly, I doubt a lot of people consider anyone else. At best, the other consideration is loved ones and that’s not enough to be considered not selfish. We live in an age where selfishness is at its peak. We need a person in power who isn’t selfish or otherwise motivated, they should make only informed decisions that would suit the majority because that’s the only way of truly being fair.

Weirdly, I’m going to end this with a quote by a fictional character from a TV programme, and he’s the least intelligent of the six. I’m going to quote the famous Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) when he says that “there is no such thing as a selfless good deed.” Can anyone prove him wrong?

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