Sunday, 27 February 2011

It's the end of the world as we know it.

I’d actually like to point out this is an incoherent rant based on everything wrong in the world. I apologise for its sloppiness and lack of structure and lucidity.

But I don’t feel fine. There’s a lot to this point where numerous amount of different topics could fit in. Change is inevitable, it’s healthy and usually good but what if we’re being misdirected? Led astray by our own stupidity? That’s what seems to be happening in a whole manner of things at the moment. The whole way society thinks is being manipulated in this growth of change but we don’t even realise it.

First off, is the change in politics. You may not care but you really should when it comes to effecting your life and that your knowledge and vote does make a difference. The change in politics at the moment is the constant increase in taxes, the constant decline in the public sector and the general load of bullshit we are spoon fed in a patronising manner, as if we’re all idiots. The sad truth is, we aren’t ALL idiots but the majority of idiocy is ever grasping its hold on society. A society which proudly boasts a film for the anti-Christ of music; Justin “cunting” Bieber. Of course, cunting isn’t his middle-name but you get the picture. He’s just a big prick in a prepubescent and pig-faced body of stupidity. I’ll get back to him later though.

The constant increase in taxes of main items is making life more and more miserable for everyone. The pleasure fund goes down. The quality of life goes down. The happiness level of the country goes down. A lot of things which you wish wouldn’t go down, go down and take you with them. Then the things you want to remain steady or decrease, expand and increase in gigantic manners leaving you weeping into a glass so you can collect the tears to bathe as you can’t afford to pay your water bill. We all need to recycle anyway so that’s a plus side to all those wasted tears.

Petrol remains the soaring complaint of most people, including me. People tell me to sell my car and a lot of other poor suggestions but I’m not going to argue with them, I’ll just simply say “no” rudely. The massive problem with all of these hike ups in prices and taxes means the economy will suffer which I already discussed here. Now businesses will struggle and cripple underneath the debt they’re making because of the lack of customers because of too much tax leaving them with only enough to survive because of the right-winged plan which won’t work because they didn’t think it through or listen to anyone because they’re Eton educated perfection but they’re actually just ignorant idiots. I just don’t understand how an eighteen year-old, third year sixth form student can figure this out but a privately educated Oxbridge graduate cannot. State schools prevail in the promotion of common sense? Probably not actually. Schools are shit for the most part and education makes learning and being knowledgeable a loathsome chore.

A change that is necessary is finding an alternative fuel. I don’t want to become all hippy about this issue but it’s becoming increasingly important and I’m starting to get slightly worried. Oil is being used as if it was in abundance but it’s really not. Hypocritically, I’m typing this on my laptop which is being powered by electricity which is harnessed from oil but what can I do to stop it? I can’t just build a wind turbine in my back garden. It’ll be ineffective, it’d just be one of those garden ones. You know, the ones which sparkle because of the glittery paper? No? Just me?

I’m trying to make light of a dire situation really and maybe I shouldn’t, maybe I should press you with some rather depressing and frightening facts. I was informed about a month ago but “peak oil”. This means the peak, the high-point, the maximum amount of oil and oil consumption we have before it goes into decline. The scary part about this is that we’ve already peaked - we’re now in a decline. We need to find an alternative fuel before it runs out and we all just stop. There’d be no electricity, no heating, no gas to cook, no refrigeration for food, no transportation for food and so on. We’d all be left to our own devices and our own life survival skills which we don’t have. No more going shopping for food because you’d have to grow and hunt your own food. After that, you’d have to prepare the food yourself and you’d have to cook it in a makeshift stove because your oven in the kitchen would be powerless. It’s all up to you.

How scary is that? The human race has become so dependent on this energy that a high majority of us would starve to death. We need to use the energy we currently have to invest in a new energy because we all know solar panels, wind turbines and other makeshift things aren’t very viable. Nuclear power is possible but not without its massive disadvantages and possible mass destruction. Is that what you want? A mutating power plant? There is only one fuel which I know is perfect for an engine but I have no idea about anything else and that is hydrogen.

Hydrogen is abundant and we literally can’t run out. The only problem is that it’s so needy that it’s always stuck to something so we need to purify it then condense it into a liquid which doesn’t come at a price, but that’ll come down. That is the only draw back. It emits water instead of carbon dioxide so the “we’re all going to die because of global warming” panic will be over because we will no longer be ruining our atmosphere. The best part is that Honda have already made a hydrogen car and they can mass-produce it and it’s the same price as a brand new Honda anyway. Honda can sit back and take all the credit for saving the world but it’s been three years and I don’t think there are any more hydrogen pumps in the world bar in Los Angeles. Why has this not been rectified? Where’s the scrappage scheme when you need it?

Change happens and change can happen quickly but why isn’t it happening now? We’re usually quick to change everything even to protests but this is a positive change which is being restrained. Yes, people will still have petrol and diesel cars and yes we’ll still use the oil but they’ll slowly be phased out and they’ll never NOT exist but they won’t need that much so they probably wouldn’t run out of oil. We’d all be frolicking in the clean air because no cars would be polluting our faces. Personally, I don’t care about the pollution of my senses or air. It’s air, it doesn’t feel different anywhere so I don’t care.

Another change which is practically the end of the world is how the world of music and film have changed. Look at music now. The people who will be remembered as “greats” of our time. I’m ashamed to even call them that sarcastically and be associated with my generation of “pop” music. The greats will be people like Lady Gaga who stutters in her songs of electro manufactured vomit and they all sound the same. She’s a PR whore and a media driven hype because she’s psychotic. She shouldn’t be idolised and worshipped, she should be committed to the hospital. If I dressed all in meat and went out in the street I would be wrestled to the ground by nay-sayers for being a lunatic whilst being viciously gang-banged by a pack of dogs.

Another atrocity and plague to our society who will forever be known - unfortunately - is Justin Bieber. Now, anyone who knows me knows how much I want to savagely beat this child with his own possessions. He is at the core of everything that is wrong with music. He’s been signed to a label since he was fourteen. Being praised for talents he does not possess as he dances his way around his teen demographic of ignorant and herded morons who will never know better. He parades around telling his irritating fans to “never say never” as if he tried so hard and struggled through thick and thin to be what he is today when really it happened overnight.

Then there’s the X-Factor. This is the brutality of music as people butcher songs which weren’t good anyway in a desperate plea to be overexposed to people who attention spans of gnats. They are talentless people who will go straight back to their menial jobs. They didn’t work for it, they didn’t write their own songs, they didn’t hit every note but they were praised anyway. Why are we falsely praised in society today? Good work, honest work and real work is, apparently, something of the past. The real talented people go to waste while Usher signs on for another tour where he’ll dance and sing a word here or there…out of tune.

Black Eyed Peas. They are the definition of talentless. Their breakthrough song which seemed to make pop music seem like it was actually tackling political subjects wasn’t even written by them. They now go back to their ways of club songs, auto-tune and their need to cover yet change the words so it’s a club song as well; how clever. I direct you to “Dirty Bit” which could stand for the worst song of the century.

The terrible TV programme which features a bad script, bad acting, bad singing, bad writing and pretty much everything bad is praised as a great. It’s actually an award winner: Glee. It’s hypocritically named Glee when it all it does is fill me with such sadness, anger and resentment to everything as I watch it.

Then it goes to films. The real films which have substance, meaning or are just genuinely well acted or well made are ignored. They’re ignored for films which aren’t funny nor are they entertaining. Big Momma’s House 3 proves that films are going downhill. The constant amount of identical RomComs filled with Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher butcher the modern film industry and they butcher society as a whole today. Such great actors like John Cusack are poisoned to create filth like 2012 and The Contract after such greats as High Fidelity, Grosse Pointe Blank, Pushing Tin and numerous other fantastic films.

The world is poisoned and riddled with the disease of idiocy. The streets are littered with dead brain cells which have been destroyed in this plagued society. I feel that I’m the one of the only sane people in a world of insanity, drivel and literal dribble slopping out of the mouths of slack-jawed, knuckle scraping Neanderthals looking to be entertained quickly and constantly. No one wants to think any more. Thinking is in the past, how dare I speak of such an ancient and archaic concept. Why must I live in such a wronged world?

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