Tuesday, 1 February 2011


A weird thing to think about but imagine your utopia. What do you see in your paradise? In most people's it'll consist of sun, sea and other things which just fill you with ecstasy. Now, that thought is shallow so I want you to delve deeper to find your real utopia and who or what would be there, the rules and numerous things that you deem important. You can inform me of yours if you want, since that's what I'll be doing now.

Recently, I've made a weird decision. I've now decided that I'm not patriotic nor do I believe in countries. I obviously believe of their existence because denying that would be nothing short of idiotic, their existence isn't conditional but I believe they shouldn't exist and shouldn't separate. What I mean is that I know count myself as a "citizen of the world" instead of being stubbornly and ignorantly patriotic over a patch of land. Billy and I started discussing our idea of utopia with this ideal. This, would be my utopia.

I believe that there should be no countries, no allegiances to a flag and no national pride. I believe that we're all in this together, as a race and we should not fret over such petty things as land. First of all, most wars are over holy land and their right to be there and that should be scrapped. Everyone would belong to everywhere and there could be no complaints about anyone unlawfully being there. No religion which govern laws, no reasons dubbed "ethical" when it really means "religion disagrees with it even though the texts are outdated and written thousands of years ago by people who had no science, no understanding of the world we live in and used to eat magic mushrooms to come up with psychedelic euphorias and has been twisted in translations to suit people." That's why they shortened it to "ethical."

I'm pro-choice, obviously. I'm also an atheist and so on but I don't think you shouldn't be allowed to practice religion and if you believe in it then good for you. I do not agree with being forced to live by rules because of other peoples' beliefs. I don't do that to them yet they continue to do it for me? A simple way to put it is "if you don't like or you disagree with it, don't do it." Government should not be led by a hypothetical entity; it should be led on equality and laws which do not discriminate.

In my Elysium, I see the world being ruled by one government and having no religious ties at all to their laws, speeches or practice. Just one government so there are equal laws, no need for overly complicated economies, equality and numerous other things. I mean, America is one of the world's most powerful countries and it's always led by a Christian who brings their faith into account when making decisions. They finish speeches with "God speed" and say stuff like "let us pray..." and I can't help but think "no". Religion is outdated, it was done with ignorance and was nothing more than a book of morales to stop sodomy really.

Who doesn't want equality and an open world? Pathetic patriots who practice traditions "just 'cause". It's a ludicrous idea that they fight for what their ancestors fought for, which completely hinders change. Why don't they see the error of their ways? They're too busy being racist ignoramuses as they drunkenly defend Britain from "being taken over" in a senseless pride. I mean, they have no idea because they're uneducated philistines that don't think for themselves but follow a conservative paper who put headlines like "MUSLIM OFFENDED BY *something little*" and then they claim it's a disgrace over a minority saying we're being overrun and that they take our jobs. If they actually looked into facts they'd know that only 4% of Britain are Muslims and that doesn't mean they're all Pakistanis either. I mean surely, ignorance can't be bliss?

I got side-tracked there but what I mean is that their "pride" hinders change. It's like it numerous amount of countries. For example, the middle-east is riddled with war over "sacred land" and "pride". They also govern themselves by Islam and not reason or fairness. There are numerous amounts of dictators who destroy change and govern their land with fear. Why not govern the entire world in a fair democracy? Does it not seem more plausible for it all to be run equally? After all, we're all the same.

Another thing I'd like to see is equality with animals. I know I may becoming hippy-like now but I'm not like that. I just mean that if an animal - who doesn't know any better and acts on instinct - bites someone, be it an adult or a child, why should it be put down? Animals act on instinct and survival instincts. They're not intelligent enough to learn better really, you can't stop it. If a human felt threatened and feared for its life, it would do the same. What gives you the right to put that animal down? What gives you the right to put any animal down (considering you can't consult with it) when a consenting person cannot be killed in the same dignity? We're the most greedy, corrupt, unjust, selfish being on this forsaken planet.

There are numerous other things that I would love to talk about but I'll spread them out to be in depth but such topics as the environment, selective prejudices and the unnecessary censorship are on my "to-do list" of sorts.

To close, let me ask you this. What is your ideal world?

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