Monday, 21 March 2011

Why so extreme?

The ideas of radicals is a hard one to comprehend. There are extremists of all faith, nationalities and ideals but they are hardly noticed. The world is selective. Selective with prejudices, stereotypes, religions and, also, extremists. What constitutes an extreme view or an extreme reaction? There are the obvious cases but what about the forgotten, well, ignored ones.

The most obvious one is the view on Muslims and the Islam faith. Let’s clear up some things. Most commonly the interpretation of Jihad. The word Jihad means struggle, whether they are faith struggles, Muslim society or the misinterpreted struggle to defend Islam. The fact that extremists claim that the word of Allah says to attack all who impose Islam as an act of Jihad is a misinterpretation but more than likely a lie imposed to brain wash. People like Al Qaeda make money from brainwashing and doing these things. Act of religion? It’s more an act of greed, hypocritically. Jihad forbids war unless ALL rules are broken, humanitarian rules mostly and they are not the reason for terrorist attacks.

The fact that all extremists are now linked with Muslims is horrendously ignorant. Another irritation is that everyone from the middle-east wears a turban when Sikhs wear the turbans. They have suffered just as much as Muslims thanks to the extremists and terrorists and suffered hate crimes for nothing. So have Muslims. How can you correct that with such terrible media around? For example, The Sun, The News of the World, Daily Express and other terrible papers. They’d rather raise panic and racism to sell papers than give facts. There are extremists of every single viewpoint, they are the extreme thought of the idea but they’re never brought up.

I was told to - when deciding on what to write - to bring up the lesser acknowledged and more ignored extreme groups. Catalonians are extreme too. I know they’re not ignored entirely but they aren’t exactly slandered or hated. There is a civil war in Spain which has just calmed down recently. When I went to Salou in Spain, there were loads of posters up about anti-Spanish government and freeing Catalonia. There was even a demonstration in Barcelona which wasn’t violent, fortunately. There have been plenty of violent demonstrations though yet they are ignored. There are extremists there who deem violence a necessity. They hinder their cause with these demonstrations, becoming the villain. Are they ever defined as extremists? Are the Catalonians stereotyped as terrorists because of this?

Let’s move on to the most horrendous of extremists. The highly ignored Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is the most disgusting excuse of “religion” ever. I’m not claiming to be all knowledgeable on this matter since I was educated by Louis Theroux on the matter but they are an atrocity. They picket funerals claiming the - now deceased - are “burning in hell” for their “FAG sins”, how lovely. No one ever associates this church with Christianity though so why is it acceptable to do it to other faiths? Is it because they’re not as ignorant on Christianity? No slander or libel behind it? Their media attention - in the UK - is few and far between and they’re simply dismissed as lunatics or as a hate group. Muslims don’t get the courtesy of not being wrongly labelled.

These people actually thank their God for the atrocity of 9/11, the war in Iraq which kills “non-believers” and kills their own troops and believe in anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia and are against anything and everything. They celebrate the deaths of celebrities as they’re all fags. They claim that “the only true Nazis in this world are fags.” Yet they are simply ignored and dismissed from Christianity and Christians are never stereotyped as these people.

What about the people who parade the streets picketing and claiming we’re all going to go to Hell? We ignore those too. I don’t understand the selective prejudice of the world. Most faiths are stereotyped but Christians have the most calm and “neutral” stereotype next to Buddhists. I don’t understand this when they have such an aggressive faith which finds the need to shove their religion down your throat until you’re spewing up Bible verses. Christians even ignore the Old Testament even though it’s the basis of their faith and mock Judaism for their views when they’re actually based on that entire religion. Ignorance is so irritating and it really disappoints me.

What about unnecessary nationalism? Many demonstrations have turned violent and I point you towards the KKK which is based upon Christian views. White supremacists who attack all of those against their views in their neo-Nazi views of racism, xenophobia and anti-immigration. They’re unnecessarily patriotic and are, quite simply, terrorists. They are Christian terrorists, a hate group who attack innocent people who aren’t Christians or who aren’t white. Famous for their attacks on Hispanic and African-American people. They terrorised people by applying fear and violence to these poor people but Christians aren’t all stereotyped as KKK members, are they?

I know I’m sounding like a broken record now, reiterating the same point and mostly about Christianity but it’s true. The world ignores such things but when forty-three Muslims burned a poppy on remembrance day, they condemned an entire religion as disrespectful and voiced their hatred by implying that we deport all Muslims and, in some extreme cases, murder them. Hitler style ethnic cleansing was their suggestion because of forty-three extremists, seems fair. Now I’ll start a hate group about everyone religious because of the “holy” wars which have plagued our lives. The Gaza strip, Irish civil war, WW2 and many other religious-bred wars. Apparently, a world without ignorance is a pipe-dream which will never happen. No matter how hard I try, I’m not going to change the world and I’m not going to stop this. As long as I change an opinion of one person or open the eyes to the intolerance of others, I’ll be happy. Then again, will anyone who has these view points ever read anything which isn’t propaganda?

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