Friday, 1 April 2011


You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. It’s true that you can’t please everyone but is it because people have their morals and reasons mixed up? Everyone has an opinion and we all think differently but you shouldn’t disagree with our military intervention. Gaddafi/Gadhafi/Qaddafi (or the other hundred or so variations of his name) is a genocidal maniac who kills innocent people in his country. But it’s his country, right? We should just let it happen? No.

We have a right to intervene. In fact, we have more than just a right. It’s more of a necessity. A very high majority (and the very small minority are disgusting) think Hitler was a psycho and he needed to be stopped and yet Gaddafi and Hitler are the same. They both murder innocent people. The only difference is we’ve been ignoring Gaddafi for years. He’s been killing unarmed, oppressed civilians of Libya since he came in to power but instead of helping out and saving those lives, we cashed in by selling him products to murder.

Iraq is a very debatable subject. The lies that initiated the war, the potential reason of puppet of America, oil, greed and son but something came out of it. Something great. We got rid of another genocidal dictator. Plenty of these exist and yet we haven’t gotten rid of them all but one less is always a great thing. Installing democracy in Iraq has been a struggle. To be honest, I think it is seen as a secondary or maybe even tertiary objective. Nevertheless, it’s an objective which is needed to be done. They are resistant to this because of the way we’ve tried to create a democracy. We aren’t helping, we’re hindering. Operation Iraqi Freedom is proving impossible when we offer no real assistance. We must not repeat this on Libya.

The reason we’re in Libya is to stop people from being murdered, raped and injured. Gaddafi even hired mercenaries to go out and rape the wives and daughters of the protesters. These protesters are potentially sacrificing themselves for something we ignore and take advantage of. They want equality, freedom, a real government. They don’t want a rich, melting candle in charge of their lives. We are there to protect those people. We are there to stop him from bombing peaceful protests. I don’t understand why we can be against this?

We are not sending innocent people to their death for no reason. It’s not as if we’re sending conscripts. We are sending people whose job it is to protect. A British life has no more worth than any other life. Our soldiers agree to this, they know what they’re doing. They agree to their wage, their potential loss of life or injury and so on. There are innocent people who aren’t soldiers dying in Libya in an attempt to be free. They saw what happened in Egypt and they have the right to the same equality.

Military intervention shouldn’t only be accepted but be accepted as a given, an imperative. The freedom of the middle-east is necessary and not only there. We still have eastern Asia (for example, North Korea who suffer severe oppression, poverty and censorship), most of Africa, central America, South America and so on. Democracy shouldn’t be a western idea, it should be compulsory around the world. To those who disagree with our intervention, ask yourself if our intervention during WW2 was wrong? Would you expect an intervention if you were in the same circumstances? Of course we would want it. In fact, we’d demand it. If we cared as much about democracy and the loss of innocent lives as we do about menial things like the price of Sky TV and over-immigration (which is bullshit), the world would be filled with equality, democracy and it would be a hippy dream. I suppose that’s hopeless idealism in our ignorant and selfish country.

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