Thursday, 4 August 2011

All Christians are terrorists.

Now that we know that the atrocity that was the Norway Attacks was done by a Christian, is it time to start being prejudiced against them? After all, that's what we did after 9/11 against Islam. And because of the population density differences, this attack was twice as devastating to Norway. Should we be irrational against a rich, "civilised" religion now? It seems only fair.

This massacre of seventy-seven people - eight in the Oslo bomb and sixty-nine in the Ut√łya shooting - was done by a Christian. The man who shot teenagers and slaughtered them, believed in God and Jesus Christ so how does that make atheism that bad? I haven't massacred anyone and I don't plan on it either. This far-right, self-proclaimed martyr said that it was "atrocious but necessary" and claims he's done nothing wrong. How can someone who believes in God see this as right? He was an Islamophobic blogger who posted on anti-Islam forums (can't believe they actually exist, that's disgusting) and supported groups like the EDL.

It's time to be prejudiced against Christians. Time to do "random" screen checks to anyone who is a white Christian and make them the victim of delays, cavity searches and mangled luggage from searches. Every time we see a Christian on a flight we'll get nervous and treat them has potential terrorists. They'll feel people staring at them with paranoid eyes. They'll be the victim of insults, mockery and abuse. People will walk past them and laugh at their religious attire then get angry that they say they have to wear it and propose rules for them or simply tell them to "go back where they came from" because no true, original Briton will do anything wrong. It's not like a lot of Britons do nothing all day but claim money, do drugs, commit crimes and be racist bigots because they own this place.

Now, when people make racist remarks starting with "I'm not racist but", the Christians will be the punchline, the source of abuse and not Islam. Christians won't be allowed to impose their views on our parliament. They'll try to impose their views with improper and disrespectful protests. The Sun will run headlines talking about a minority of Christians being offended by something and everyone will be infuriated. Everyone who wears a crucifix will be instantly identified as a terrorist because they fit the demographic. They'll be made unwelcome, Maybe some Jews will suffer the consequences because they might look Christian like just like Sikhs and Hindus did after 9/11 and still do now.

Of course that won't happen to Christians because we're a Christian country and so is America. The richest countries are Christian and we understand Christianity so we know that those aren't Christian ideals. We know that Christianity didn't teach him to do that tragedy. Then, something we don't understand comes along and they blame it. They tear it apart with ignorance and never try to understand it because they don't want to.

Our disgusting western civilisation - what irony there - managed to stereotype Islam which has 1.5bn believers. That's saying that one-sixth of the population are terrorists. Now, you think they'd blame religion again in this case, especially as as soon as it happened they were claiming al Qaeda or some Islam extremist group were behind it. Do you know what they're going to blame? Games.

On Anders Breivik's Facebook profile, they found that one his hobbies was to play video games and they found out that one of his favourite games was Call of Duty. That's right. They'll know spout how he learnt how to use a gun because of Call of Duty and that the violence in it made him the psychotic sociopath he is today. Fox News went straight for the jugular of this. Why can't they blame something real? Like a chemical imbalance or the propaganda that he was clearly spewed.

Instead, they'll probably still blame Islam. They'll say that what he did was extreme but it was a wake up call to some Islamophobic propaganda that they love to say. Just face it, you're racist. Stop blaming a certain demographic. I think I'll start the Christian prejudice and tell some nearby staff that I'm nervous because of the Norway Attacks. They'll just laugh and ignore it but if it was someone who fitted the Muslim demographic, they'd act upon it instantly...

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  1. Send them back where they came from, that's what I say! Us druids were here first!