Friday, 3 February 2012

The Alternative Must See Films of 2012.

Must See 2012 Films.

As you may have read previous articles reflecting on 2011, this article looks ahead instead of behind. It bypasses the blockbusters – the obvious choices; this focuses on films that seem promising but may have been ignored with a lot of the attention being on The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and so on. It focuses on the films that can have the depth that popular films like Paranormal Activity 4 will most certainly lack. People claim that films have lost a lot of quality in the years but those are the same people who are unwilling to change; everything has to evolve as it is the way. Some films may have become shallow, usually blockbusters are criticised for this, and with the Internet it’s easier to find the great films. This is the list of the must see films of 2012 that may have already been forgotten in the wake of the big blockbusters, these are the alternative films of 2012. However, with Shame, The Descendants, Goon and Coriolanus being already released there’s no need to go into detail about them.

To read the full article on the already forgotten must see films of 2012, click here.

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