Wednesday, 29 February 2012

You Should Be Watching: Party Down.

Party Down poster.

There are a lot of TV programmes that have been missed here in the UK and this new column aims to bring them to your attention. It’s a shame as it means we miss out on a lot because of it not being advertised, on an unwatched channel or not even on TV here at all. The latter is what happened to Party Down – it never made it to our TVs.

It was by pure chance that I found about Party Down through browsing Tumblr and seeing quotations or people bringing up how much they love it. It lead to a curiosity and something that had to be looked into and it is something that I far from regret. It has everything a comedy should: wit, lovable and unusual characters, storylines filled with misfortune, running jokes and an amazing yet underrated cast.

Then why didn’t it get a UK distributor?

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