Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Legend of Neil DVD Review

The Legend of Neil DVD Cover
We’ve all had the fantasy to be sucked into an alternate reality. Whether it be a game, film, TV programme or a book, we’ve all wanted it to happen. The idea of being sucked into Zelda is probably one that a lot of people have fantasised about. Being sucked into a world as a hero, saving a princess and defeating the evil overlord that is Gannon(dorf). Neil (Tony Janning) is the lucky one that gets sucked into the game after one night getting drunk, asphyxiating himself while masturbating which somehow transported him into the game – as the song goes. From the off, with the lowest of production values for the first season, it is absolutely hilarious. Although the episodes – webisodes is probably more fitting – are only clocking in at two minutes, they’re worthwhile two minutes but as they kick in they end abruptly which is a bit disappointing. Thankfully, now that they’re available on DVD, you can watch them all at once.


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