Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The World is Ending... Let's Watch How it Might! Seven Big-Screen Apocalypses

Although it’s Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, children singing something rhyme, there’s a sense of dread slightly dampening the mood. Getting into the spirit is difficult when some Mayans have selfishly predicted the end of the world just four days before Jesus’s birthday. There’s a sense of gloom from our impending doom that has been predicted. What better way to think of the gloom then to dwell in it and surround yourself with end of the world films; whether they’re surviving a post-apocalyptic event or it’s a countdown to a full demolition of the world. Let’s look at the best films that depict the end of the world, celebrate with these, and maybe even take notes on how to survive.
Here’s the list of films about the end of the world before the world ends, whether they’re films that are great to make you feel bad about the world ending but you could even watch a few that are so bad that’ll it’ll deserve to end.


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