Sunday, 12 May 2013

Interview with Zombieland's Kirk Ward

After the success of the movie, Amazon have now delved into original programming with their pilot season being decided by the audience. There are thirteen pilots to choose from but only four will make it into a full series and one of those pilots, hoping to rekindle, yet reimagine, the world of the movie, is Zombieland. Kirk Ward chatted to us about Tallahassee, inviting us and the audience to help sculpt the world of Zombieland and how the series might go on. He even offered to come to my flat – his words – to perform the pilot episode with the rest of the cast in case you haven’t seen it on LOVEFiLM or Amazon Instant. Below he discusses the original intention of the television series that became a movie, working in the television system and his desire to beat people with a crutch and have a TMZ scandal.


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