Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Hijacking Review

Somali pirates board a Danish ship demanding a ransom for the boat and the heads on board. This encapsulates the board meetings and the hostage situation by intricately crafting both stories on and off the ship. Condensing months of mission into a tight, poignant 99 minutes that mars the viewer witnessing grim proceedings. While Tobias Lindholm may be more experienced at script-writing, his first solo directorial piece – his other, R, with Michael Noer – is one that wrings the tension out of the sweat covered captives. Never has a language barrier been – fit with no subtitles to confuse us like the hostages – so terrifying when there’s misunderstanding and AK-47s in the mix.

My full A Hijacking review is up on Next Projection as a part of ongoing series covering TIFF Romania's coverage which is here.