Monday, 10 June 2013

Interview with Actress Pollyanna McIntosh

Problems in being a university student in the small seaside town of Aberystwyth become apparent when invited to the set of new British thriller White Settlers, situated somewhere deep in some woods that can’t be revealed. The film stars cult horror icon Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman, Exam) and world famous model/actor Lee Williams (The Tudors, Teachers) pitching the modern urbanites’ dream – starting a simple life in the country – against the possibility of a very different, horrific reality. This tagline alone made this such an exciting prospect that I unfortunately couldn’t attend and am still kicking myself today about. Instead, the cast and crew are still wondrously helpful and welcomed a quick chat with me and Pollyanna McIntosh as well as a few other members of cast and crew in the future. This first interview provided me much appreciated insight into this indie production that’s running tirelessly but smoothly on the rough grounds of a forest and its suspenseful dark ride.

My full Pollyanna McIntosh interview is now up on Cinema Sauce

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