Monday, 17 June 2013

Interview with Andrés and Barbara Muschietti

Andrés and Barbara Muschietti, the sibling duo behind Mama, generously gave up a bit of their time to which was stretched a lot longer as they happily chatted about their first feature. They were comfortable and happy to speak about their movie in great detail as you’ll see below. They also promised extras on the DVD and Blu-ray which is out today in the UK. All of these extra scenes were cut to help pace it but you will discover that they reveal more about all the characters involved – including the ghostly villain, Mama.

Andrés and Barbara are so comfortable with each other that Andrés interjects in Spanish to tell his sister that she was using a verbal crutch too often to which she laughs and explains in English for me. It was a great dynamic, a free one that hopefully comes across. A dynamic filmmaking duo embarking on their journey thanks to their little short Mamá after it gained the attention of some chap going by the name of Guillermo del Toro. Read on and enjoy two people conversing openly about their film, filmmaking and Guillermo del Toro’s glasses.

The full Andrés and Barbara Muschietti interview is now up on Cinema Sauce