Thursday, 20 June 2013

Maniac Review

Remakes always get a bad name but that’s because of terrible remakes, sequels that aren’t quite sure what they really are – like Texas Chainsaw 3D that spewed out into cinemas in January. This, however, is proof that not all remakes have to be bad or unwelcome. It even proves that remakes can even surpass the original. Don’t get ready to look away or not read because this is a beacon of hope to all remakes out there. This is not a simple horror. It works amazingly well as that genre but it also has dramatic elements which make you feel for the character. It is a pretty touching, heartbreaking film about human relationships that this man cannot forge. It’s horror with heart – not a physical heart pulled out either. It’s an original remake which is more original than its source material. Odd, right?

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