Sunday, 28 July 2013

Dark Skies DVD Review

There are fewer scarier things than the feeling of being in an inescapable environment that relentlessly toys with you, playing with your surroundings, showing what they can do without showing how. It’s this feeling of inevitability, of being a victim in your own home, of complete lack of control – like a dream where you can’t run, you feel like you’re wading through water and are utterly defenceless – that is the type of horror in Dark Skies and it really resonates, lingering like the presence of something that you can’t see. It is utterly terrifying at times. The trailers, the adverts, the posters did not do this film justice when it was rounding cinemas to gain a bigger audience – an audience which it deserves. It enjoys mental scarring you into a catatonic state of dreadful paranoia. It’s exactly what you want from a horror film.

My Dark Skies DVD review on Cinema Chords

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