Sunday, 21 July 2013

MTOS Questions on the Horror Genre - 28th of July 2013

Next Sunday, the 28th of July, I will be hosting Movie Talk on Sunday (#MTOS) for the first time on Twitter. If you're unsure what it is, it's basically taking to Twitter, using the hashtag and joining in on the questions from the host. At 8pm (in the UK which is BST at the moment), the host will ask the first question and continue to ask one every 10-15 minutes or so. There'll be a particular topic and theme that the questions will follow. There are ten questions and my theme will be the horror genre with quite an array of questions. Ranging from whether you love or hate it, your favourite one to a director that hasn't directly done a horror film that you'd love to see tackle the genre. You'll see below the ten questions I've chosen and I hope to see your tweets joining in with all the film lovers on Twitter. Remember to tag your questions with #MTOS so that we can all see your answers!

The format to answer is like this: "A1. Your answer to the question here. #MTOS"

Below are the questions. Feel free to look here and think up answers before Sunday!

1. What is your favourite horror film and why?

2. Now horror is a divisive genre. Some love it, some call it clich├ęd. What do you love and/or hate about the genre?

3. What's the best pre-'90s horror film? What's the best post-'90s horror film? Why did you pick those?

4. Who is, to you, the master of the horror genre?

5. Horror films lately get a pretty bad rap because of poor unnecessary remakes. What is broken about those films?

6. Horror has a stigma, a more populist genre rather than a revered one. Why? How do you view it?

7. Do you think the future is in indie horror with directors like James Wan, Ti West, etc.?

8. What scares you the most in a horror film?

9. What director that hasn't tackled horror do you think would be an ideal suit for the genre? What would you like them to do?

10. So that you have nightmares, what is the most terrifying scene you've ever witnessed or thought about? Let's scare! 

There are the questions, get ready to prepare and join us on Sunday night at 8pm as you wind down your chillout day.