Thursday, 25 July 2013

Welcome to the Punch Blu-ray Review

Eran Creevy has wrangled a brilliant British cast for his second flick which was much more expensive than his debut, Shifty. With his script, he managed to get Ridley Scott on board as an executive producer and with a name of that calibre, everything else started to fall in place for the young Brit. The pitch must have been something like “let’s make a British gangster flick as cool as America” because London based crime actioners usually go for the gritty take on London. One of the film’s biggest strengths was lighting London up and making it look sleek, stylish and drop dead gorgeous all of the time. The collaborative work between Eran Creevy and DP Ed Wild is a fantastic partnership where they’ve made Britain looks as cool and as stunning as its American counterparts. That’s its true power, everything else is a little by the numbers from then on.

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