Saturday, 31 August 2013

Interview with Simon Barrett

After sitting on the shelf for almost two years since its première back in September 2011, You’re Next is finally getting a wide theatrical release after Lionsgate acquired Summit meaning they had to reschedule their entire calendar. It was bought right after its première at the Midnight Madness programme at the Toronto International Film Festival. Since then, writer-actor-producer Simon Barett‘s work has appeared in both V/H/S films and The ABCs of Death as well as starting production on The Guest. An ever busy man, Simon gave up his time to talk to us about You’re Next, a film that was made years ago. The interview audio starts off with me asking about the time situation but Simon told me to worry about it. Our conversation went on for so long that we had to rush the ending and rush off the phone unfortunately because neither of us saw this interview becoming this mammoth that it is.

Simon is such an easy guy to talk to that the hour flew by, neither of us really noticing that such an extensive amount of time had passed. Talking about films with people that clearly loves film is an ultimate pleasure and that’s what happened here. In fact, I’d even want this interview to be longer because it contains honesty, an earnestness and a lack of seriousness that made it a joy to even transcribe. All of it. It took hours but it was worth it.

Below is my interview with him with very few of my interjections as it was long enough as it is. Therefore you can read a film writer who’s honest about the entire trade, his career beforehand and his career ahead.