Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Back to University

On the 21st - probably - I'll be heading back to university for my second year on my film course. Considering I'm already 21, I should have graduated already but, alas, mistakes result in delays. At first it was something I didn't like, I let it bother me a lot but now I couldn't care because what's an extra two years in your entire life? It's better now that I'm on the right course for me and worth the wasted time. It's given me a direction, a goal, a target, that's to get involved in the film industry as you might have guessed. What's going to be good about returning is that I'm going to learn from my main mistake from last year: laziness. It was funny at the time, we laughed about how much of wastemen we were and we all got decent marks considering our lack of attendance and lack of work but I have a motivation to work. I'm doing a module on classic Hollywood cinema and horror films this semester then next year I'm doing contemporary Hollywood cinema (I get to study Fincher, it's like a dream), contemporary art cinema and screenwriting. All of which I want to do, all of which I want to get a good mark in, all of which I will actually try for.

What I'm also excited for is when I go back I get to do make a short film that I've had in my head for at least 9 months now. It's written down into a screenplay. I've tried writing others and started a few, jotted down ideas, gotten some plot outlines written. Hopefully we'll shoot that as soon as possible so I can edit it and send it around to attempt to get it into film festivals. I know it's hopeful but it's how Máma got picked up from a short into a full length feature produced by Guillermo del Toro, worked with James Wan and Leigh Whannell when they made Saw. Then a couple of friends of mine have their own ideas so we can film those too and whatever else pops up in our heads. We even want to shoot an entire feature length film. That way, if it's good, we can enter into festivals and again wish for the best. Worked for Christopher Nolan with Following, worked with Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett with A Horrible Way to Die, worked with Jonathan Levine and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, worked with Gareth Edwards when he went and made Monsters. They all led somewhere and it was on a wing and a prayer that they were created. Perhaps we can be that lucky.