Monday, 30 September 2013

Interview with Aaron Guzikowski

Having a script scooped up and bought is never as simple or as final as it may seem. Aaron Guzikowski wrote Prisoners years and years ago but only now has it finally been created after many start ups then drop offs.

Now it stars Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal in their respective roles. Hugh Jackman’s daughter and her friend go missing with his character becoming incessant in their rescue whilst Jake Gyllenhaal plays the detective searching for the same thing. The less you know about the twists and turns of the plot, probably the better, but there are plenty of reviews gushing over how suspenseful and intense the movie is. Aaron Guzikowski was a normal guy with a normal job until he decided that his path should be as a writer and, thankfully, his efforts have far been in vain, hitting huge Hollywood success with Prisoners, penning Mark Wahlberg vehicle from last year, Contraband and now in production on his TV show The Red Road. Below the man tells us about his film, how to write in Hollywood, his inspirations and what’s coming up next.