Tuesday, 15 October 2013

MTOS Questions on Cinematography and Cinematographers - 20th of October

A couple of weeks ago, Paul Furr (@JustCallMeFurry) hosted Movie Talk on Sunday on the topic of scores and soundtracks. That focused on the importance of music around the film which inspired me to think about film's biggest part: its visuals. This week we've got 10 hopefully interesting and diverse questions about cinematography and cinematographers. Don't worry if you don't know cinematographers by name (that's rare anyway) because you can point to films and visual styles that you like; there's also plenty of time to swot up if you fancy pulling a few names out of the bag. There's plenty to think about when it comes to cinematography. Cinematography is important in all aspects in filmmaking, even if you don't realise it. Comedies need good cinematography to frame visual jokes as well as making sure that we're not so up close to the actor (unless that's part of a joke) to be uncomfortable when presenting the jokes. It's important to all types of films really, it aids the mood of the film and can help portray themes.

On Sunday, at 8pm, it'll follow the usual MTOS format. If you don't know what that is then don't worry, it's pretty simple. Basically there are ten questions and one is asked every ten minutes. To join in, you put your answer like so "A1. This is the answer to the question. #MTOS" and make sure to hashtag it so all can see, respond and delightfully discuss how lovely cinema is. That's basically that's all there is to it and it's always enjoyable. Fingers crossed we get some debate and some diverse answers but don't worry if you feel you lack in this topic because chances are you don't. Your eyes know what they like so reflect over great visual moments and tell us about your favourites.

Q1. Let's start off easy, what film is your favourite cinematography wise? What makes you love the visuals? #MTOS 

Q2. Do you prefer certain types? Like tracking shots and steadicams for a smooth style or visceral and handheld? #MTOS

Q3. Who are your favourite cinematographers? Roger Deakins, Emmanuel Lubezki, Jeff Cronenweth, Gregg Toland, Christopher Doyle, Wally Pfister, Newton Thomas Sigel etc. #MTOS

Q4. What film from this year has visually impressed you the most? #MTOS

Q5. Do you care a lot about cinematography or is it something you rarely notice? Is it important in filmmaking? If so, why? #MTOS

Q6. What are your favourite director and cinematographer partnership? #MTOS

Q7. Animated cinematography is important too with the likes of Up, WALL-E and etc. Which is animated film is the most beautiful visually? #MTOS 

Q8. Life of Pi won last year's cinematography award but it was largely VFX. What's your opinion on its win and do you think it matters that it was digitally created? #MTOS

Q9. People still love how film looks but we're obviously moving into the use of digital cameras. What's your preference? Can you personally tell? #MTOS

Q10. After this, we're going to want some pretty films. Name all the pretty films that come to your head so we can all watch something new. #MTOS 

Those are the set questions for Sunday's MTOS and remember to join in at 8pm and tag all of your tweets with #MTOS for everyone to see. Hopefully I'll see you there!