Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Paul Furr's MTOS Questions on Scores and Soundtracks - 6th of October



Movie Talk On Sunday - Scores and Soundtracks

The film score has been a powerful tool in the director's arsenal for many years; the beauty of the sound isn't just the splendour of the music but also the emotions those graceful, or sometimes bombastic notes illicit in all of us. Often the score is forgotten in favour of the visual, but the auditory is just as important in all our cinematic experiences. A good score and soundtrack has the ability to rouse for the hero and us shed a tear for the fallen, so let's celebrate their glory on Movie Talk on Sunday.

Scores and Soundtracks have moved with the times, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. But of their time, they all bring something extra to their respective film. The greatest are remembered and inevitably made into ringtones, whilst the languid are placed upon the rubbish heap only to be brought up on a Sunday evening in early October.
So here we are with @JustCallMeFurry calling in a favour from @ashleyrhys' to host the questions... And away we go...

On Sunday 6th October at 8pm GMT I will be tweeting these 10 questions, that will be one question every 10 minutes. Take your time, familiarise yourself and delve into all those music memories... Just don't forget to use the #MTOS hashtag on each of your answers.

Q1. Simple and straightforward to start with, who is your favourite composer and why?

Q2. What is your favourite film score?

Q3. What was the first film you remember where the score truly became part of your movie experience?

Q4. What do you like from a film score?

Q5. Do you prefer a classic score from your film or one mixed with a soundtrack and why?

Q6. What is your favourite song from a film of all time?

Q7. What is your least favourite score/soundtrack and why?

Q8. As relevant as they were at the time, some older scores and soundtracks don't stand the test of time. What classic pre-2000 film for you stands out as one with really dated soundtrack?

Q9. Back in the day every movie had to have a song tie-in, what in your opinion was the most ridiculous?

Q10. The likes of Tarantino and Scorsese famously use songs in their films to great effect. What in your opinion is the scene where the song truly makes it iconic? 

All there is to do is get thinking about your answers and don't forget to follow me on Twitter @JustCallMeFurry.

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