Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Sharknado DVD Review

Bad films that, in their terribleness, become good cult classics of comedy are a common thing but the new one to gather a Twitter storm and a hipster Tumblr following is Sharknado. Many films are so bad that they’re good, enjoyable in their crazy idiocy and stupidity but Sharknado simply isn’t one of them. Not even close. This isn’t one of those moments where you laugh at the exploitive filmmaking to get a laugh from the audience; this one is so horrible that it’s offensive to filmmaking as it completely disregards all the regularities of shooting a film so you can understand the location. The camera bounces around from close-up to close-up, ignoring all rules of continuity and tension, grating because of the irreverent filmmaking.

There’s not much in the way of story or plot from Sharknado but do you really want one? You want sharks, in a tornado, being thrown around to eat and kill people. It promotes that sharks are eternally violent with one particular back story being told to us as the reason for hating sharks. In the end, it’s up to the audience on if they want to have a good time with the film or not. It was a surprise hit for SyFy which isn’t usually a barometer of quality. Most ideas are born for their disdain for the English language then extended into an actual story. A sure recipe for quality and success.

Gathering a huge following has made this into a cult classic but it’s hard to see why when it isn’t fun or funny. It’s hard to see where the budget of $1m (apparently) went when there’s no essence in quality at all. It seems cheaper. It looks like it was made for £3.50 and £2 of that went to the VFX team. Sharknado felt destructive of filmmaking rather than a hedonistic throwback to loved B-movie classics of the yesteryears. There’s no part of it that feels like fun. None of it is earned. It’s cheap, exploitive filmmaking that somehow got more attention than the Ghost SharksDinocroc vs Supergators and Piranhacondas of the SyFy world. Terrible, angering film that raises blood pressure and could potentially cause aneurysms, heart attacks and strokes. It should come with a warning label. ENOUGH SAID.

Behind the Scenes, the trailer and a gag reel that’s funnier than the actual film.