Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Term Has Started and I'm Lazy

Before, there was a post about going back to university, now I'm back and have been for weeks. So far though, I've been a tad lazy when it comes to, umm, attendance. That's the problem I've always struggled with anyway. I feel that - personally - I don't learn much from attending lectures because it never sinks in or it's too basic to have much value when it comes to doing essays. The reading involved is much more helpful, insightful and detailed because they can be. Lectures can't really be that detailed because they don't have enough time or it has to be broad to give more freedom when writing essays. I got called up for an attendance meeting that went fine and have since been attending but I'm tired of them - especially when you have to listen to some idiot waffle on about how he's too good for our uni or how much he can quote Marc Cousins's The Story of Film: An Odyssey. Instead I'd rather the freedom to learn myself rather than the obligation of attendance of lectures. University was sold as independent education with most reliance on yourself which is true so why can they not trust students to do the work themselves? After all, it's them who suffer more than the university. It's their money, their debt, their problem, their failure.

Beforehand I was excited to do my module Film Genre because it's primarily horror based and I am so damn up for anything horror related lately it's great. We've studied great films so far and to be honest had decent seminars that I don't mind attending. It's actually a shame they're only an hour because at the 40 minute mark everyone starts discussing properly, they get interesting rather than irritating or silent and then the time runs out. That sucks. It's rare that they're actually good but the groups actually talk, they don't just regurgitate information from the lecture the day before. Classical Hollywood Cinema was a module I was excited for too, to get a good knowledge of film history but the seminars are the most uncomfortable 50 minutes of my life. The room stays near silent, not a barely a word is ushered from anyone other than the tutor. It's uncomfortable. No one learns anything. Time then feels like every second is a minute because of how excruciatingly painful that silence is. You can see the seminar tutor getting fed up and when anyone brings up a point, no one debates it, there's just silence.

Now it's time to start my essays, one of which is a textual analysis about any horror film I like. Decisions are too difficult. Time to write some shorts and make some since people want to (I'm looking at you Joel, if you're reading this) and that will definitely be fun if I can get people to act (I'm looking at you Jack, if you're reading this which you probably aren't). Anyway, that's enough of my rambling for now, it's pointless and isn't important but there we go. Just felt like writing something.

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