Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Almost the End of the Year

Hello there, I realise that I'm apologising for the lack of posts for the third time but currently I've been doing essays and getting merry most nights rather than doing writing. It's quite nice not to have to do some writing for a while but that'll be back soon when I write a Porco Russo review for Next Projection and plenty of end of the year features to be done too! I'll be trying to round out my top 10 for the year as well as posting my year in numbers which will be oddly fun and interesting... for me. Then I'll be on the awards season hype as will everyone else and trying to break my record of 17 of 21 Oscar predictions and maybe even putting money on it. I may recommend you do the same but I'll probably be sued if I suggested such a thing! Especially with such a competitive year.

I got my first essay mark back for classical Hollywood cinema in which I only got a 68 (a 2:1), it's painfully close to a first! It's also annoying because I can see the errors in it now, I can see the problems and the reason I didn't get a first. Had I ditched a paragraph I feel it would've shot up to a 74 but that's all my fault. Regardless, 68 isn't too bad, I will do better for the two 3000 word essays due early January by ferociously reading everything in the university library. Maybe I'll get my first. Probably not but there you go.

Regardless, I just wanted to post a tiny update before I post some more. Adios.

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