Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Paul Furr's MTOS Questions on Childhood Movies

Every film fan has a special affinity with films of their childhood. Films that were watched on repeat, dialogue that can still be quoted to this day and of course those films of questionable quality that are still remembered fondly.
So here are 10 questions that will root to your love of the movies, and in some cases, even show your age...
Q1: What was the first film you ever saw at the cinema?

Q2: Everyone has one, what was that one film that you used to religiously watch on repeat as a child?

Q3: The guilty pleasure, what was that bad film from your childhood that you still have an affinity with to this day?

Q4: As a kid we were all inevitably stopped from watching films where the certificate was out of bounds... What was the first 18 certificate film you saw as a child and how old were you?

Q5: The rites of passage for every kid was to get into the cinema for a film they were too young for, what was yours?

Q6: What was the first film you saw that you actively disliked and do you still hate it to this day?

Q7: What was the first serious film you saw as a child that cemented your love of cinema as an art form?

Q8: The Video/DVD Rental store was ever present in a lot of our childhoods, what was your first ever rental and in what format?

Q9: As we all have ever expanding film collections, what was the first Video/DVD you ever owned?

Q10: Finally, what are your top 3 Childhood Films?

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