Sunday, 27 April 2014

Recent Inactivity

Another post to apologise for not posting. These have become too frequent but at least they are for legitimate reasons. Recently, I haven't been posting as much not because I'm less interested but because I've been focusing more on getting a First in university (it's working) and writing my first feature length screenplay. I thought now would be a perfect time to write a screenplay because if I wait until I leave university then I'll have much less to show to literary managers and agents. It's for a competition by the great Screencraft folk who have some great judges to accompany their brilliant prizes. That is screenplay one for the year (from my 2014 to-do list) but as soon as my essays are handed in on the 14th of May (FREEDOM!) then I will be doing another which has been mapped out entirely already for the huge BlueCat Screenplay Competition. If you have any well wishes or positivity then send it this way - it could always help. If a short film fits in too then woo!

I've been also looking for summer work experience placements for my Production Research Placement module but more mainly for myself, to bulk up the CV and try out as many fields as possible so I can settle what I want to do. I can't see it really changing. I got a huge opportunity recently which allowed me to attend Hong Kong as intern to observe how shooting on location works with an independent Mongolian film by Lenah Films. Unfortunately, I can't release any information about the film but the experience was incredibly invaluable. It cemented what I wanted to do which was write and direct. There I got to meet fantastic people who all share the passion for cinema. I spoke to people who had worked on The Dark Knight's Hong Kong scenes and the new Transformers and Michael Mann's upcoming Cyber. It would've been even better had I been able to speak Mandarin, Mongolian or Cantonese. Perhaps next time! It was by far my favourite experience so far. It showed that what I was working for was not the wrong thing nor a pipe dream as it's attainable if I put in the work - which I will do. (Hopefully this won't be used to mock me later on as I crash and burn, failing to get into the industry)

Writing, directing, producing. Hopefully it will happen but I'm going to work for it because otherwise it won't.
Tallest building in Hong Kong. Shooting 101 floors up.

My Mongolian name, Axla (pronounced Alashan)

Always looking up but mostly at buildings and not people for once.

Hilarious mistranslations.

Do not poison signs. Necessary, apparently. 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

So Far This Century: Visually Stunning But Terrible Films

With an ever-expanding toolbox of visual trickery modern cinema has the ability to captivate audiences quickly with stunning looking films. The ubiquitous nature of CG, both the tidal wave of imagery and the more subtle enhancements, has given rise to a reliance on these tools and can leave us with a hollow film, orbiting an utterly redundant narrative populated with thinly fleshed-out characters.
Visuals are obviously a defining part of cinema and they matter a great deal – there’s probably an article waiting to be written here about visually bad films which are good films – but today  HeyUGuys have decided to bring out the films, So Far This Century, that are visually impressive or beautiful but are ultimately bad films.