Friday, 25 July 2014

Interview with Amy Seimetz

Known for numerous collaborations with people like Joe SwanbergTi WestAdam WingardSimon Barrett and so on and so forth, Amy Seimetz is a filmmaker raised through the festival circuit of indie films. Years later, Amy still mainly does indie work but that her purposeful decision, allowing herself to make what she wants, when she wants. Lately you may have seen her TV’s The Killing and Family Tree, as well as guest appearances in a few other programmes, but Amy is also known for two fantastic films from last year which are both very different – one the very entertaining, fun horror ride ofYou’re Next, the latter an abstract, surrealist picture that speaks volumes about everything called Upstream Colour. Below we begin by talking about Ti West’s great mockumentary (rather than found-footage) horror film about a fictional cult called Eden Parish, based on the story of Jonestown. Atmosphere is important and the palpable sense of dread and impending doom makes the audience tense throughout. Amy Seimetz talked openly about the film, reading abstract films on the page and her varied career.