Friday, 18 July 2014

Michael Bay Retrospective

Michael Bay is an auteur. An auteur who is a couple of million shy from grossing $5bn worldwide. Although that my detract many of you, making you recoil in film theory horror at the thought of someone putting Michael Bay in the same ring as Akira Kurosawa, Jean-Luc Godard and Stanley Kubrick, it is indeed true. He could be one who even revels in the excess and extremism that Gaspar Noé is familiar with. “Bayisms” and “Bayhem” are terms to describe his revel same excessive violence that Gaspar Noé revels in – although their certificate ratings certainly differ. Clearly this is a hyperbolic comparison but there is a pinch of truth to it. Michael Bay’s career was born in stylistic excess, where if something isn’t working, throw an explosion in there for good measure. That is the general critical consensus from film critics and bloggers alike, that are almost wholly unified on social media in their disdain for Michael Bay. Michael Bay really isn’t as bad as people bemoan. He does what he does. As he’s said before, he makes films for “teenage boys” which isn’t the biggest crime ever committed – except for his trivial overt sexualisation of thinly written female characters. He is at least a passionate director making full on films, rather than a half-assed director slumming it. He really believes his films are great. That’s admirable.