Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Dubai: The Future of Globalisation

The United Arab Emirates struck liquid gold in the form of oil and are now the seventh-largest reserve in the world. The country was established in December 1971 as a federation of seven Emirates: Abu Dhabi (capital), Dubai (largest city), Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain. The main two cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, used this money wisely. They invested directly into healthcare, infrastructure and education. Dubai especially focused on becoming a hub of international trade and transport with a diverse population of expats, large companies and, obviously, magnificent architecture. Dubai has re-invented many things: luxury holidays with seven-star hotels, the world’s tallest building, featured in large films like this year’s record-breaking Furious 7 and many more illustrations of success.

Ant-Man Review

Ant-Man is already at a disadvantage for those who know its production story. Of course not everyone will, so here is a brief summary.Edgar Wright wrote the script for years with Joe Cornish. Edgar Wright was going to direct the film. The studio wanted something different and Wright did not want to compromise his vision and left. We still don’t know the full story on why and what disagreements, especially since Wright has producer, writer and story by credits. The studio asked Adam McKay to direct. He passed, but did a rewrite of the script for them. Finally, Peyton Reed (comedy director famous for Yes ManThe Break-Up and Bring it On) decided to direct it with another rewrite (according to the credits) by Paul Rudd.

The Full Circle – From Caveman Paintings, Language, to Emojis

Language was born from images and now it looks like we have gone all the way back to it.

First there were cave paintings from which language (and possibly art) evolved and now we are back to images with ‘Emojis’. Are images the future of language or just tonal confirmations? History is said to not repeat itself, but what if it is?

Burying the Ex Review

Dante is back, resurrected, and it feels fitting that he bring someone back from the dead as it is the biggest return to form by the director since Small Soldiers. After some disappointing features, none have come close to the Dante treasures from the previous decades. Burying the Ex may not be that good, it may not be a classic that we have come to expect from Dante, but the weight of expectations mean that one cannot deem it a good Dante without it sounding like faint praise. It is like the director has painted himself into the corner and must hit five star classics because anything else is a waste. That is unfair. The expectations themselves are burdening an appreciation of Dante’s work so please, appreciate this.

British English vs American English

British English vs American English: the battle of the Atlantic.
England and America may share a language and have a history together, but that does not mean they have developed parallel to each other. In fact, in regards to language, British English and American English have diverted from one another to become separate and individual languages with the possibility of some confusion and awkward conversations.

11 Common English Language Mistakes

The English language is almost superfluous in its own complications, which is the beauty of it. Whether it’s misusing a word (looking at you, plethora) or common grammatical errors, the English language sometimes suffers due to the majority using these incorrectly.
Although language is defined by its volume of use – the words lol and selfie are now in the Oxford English Dictionary – there still must be care over mistakes that will alter the context of what you are trying to say. At Wolfestone, we actively avoid grammatical and language-related misconceptions.