Sunday, 6 September 2015

Ultimate Guide: Market Power of Translating Literature

Statistics of Translating Literature

Now, more than ever, with further globalisation by internet and online platforms (video on-demand, eBooks and so on) comes increased power of translating media. You can now reach bigger audiences making diving in out of these countries easy, but you do have to cater to their language which requires translation services.
That does not mean you cannot get into main bookstores and cinemas. Foreign box-office is where it’s at, usually being the majority of gross for Hollywood films. It simply means there’s another ‘market-within-the-market’ through VOD (video on-demand) and other electronic marketplaces. Even translating music can be beneficial as proven by ‘99 Red Balloons’ and the ‘Ketchup Song’.
Below is largely based on estimations from websites like Box Office Mojo, IMDb and other media statistic outlets. It is to show the potential of translating your literature/media for other marketplaces. With VOD and eBooks, figures are scarce as companies like Netflix like to keep them under wraps . We shall soon  see if it changes and becomes bragging material like the Box Office has become in the next few years. Studios often use the box office as a measure of success, barometer of quality, guide for future investment. It would be interesting to see if online sales and VOD becomes a similar guiding measurement.