Thursday, 22 October 2015

AfterDeath Review

Five strangers wake-up dead on the beach after a nightclub got too full. They sit inside a mysterious cabin surrounded by an unusual monster and two paintings that may hold the answer to their questions… and perhaps their escape.

With the sign ‘Tabula Rasa’ and a black smoke monster, it is impossible to not draw similarities to Lost, the TV programme. Lost did not invent it all, of course, it drew on famous mythologies to interlock it with its own weird wonderfulness. Lost left some cold with its form, captured the imaginations of others and frustrated almost everyone due to its lack of answers. Back to the main focus of this review, though, AfterDeath does a worse job of controlling the mythology than the crazy, unplanned and writers’ strike riddled TV series that managed to make everything much more interesting even in this chaos. AfterDeath had a production much less tumultuous presumably and has managed to make nothing from it – none of the grandiose mythology, thrilling entertainment, intriguing characters, nor thought-provoking themes.