About Me

Hello there. I'm a 23 year-old film lover, film writer, film student. I recently graduated from Aberystwyth University with a First Class Honours degree in Aberystwyth University. This blog is like a portfolio of all my writing which has concentrated mainly on films. I originally started writing politically to get my thoughts off my chest about current issues or anything that amused or bemused me. Then one day I was watching Transsiberian on Sky Movies and I expected something different, I realised I had something to say about that film, then another film, then cinema trips inspired reviews and it blossomed from there.

My favourite films include Fight Club, Drive, Memento, American History X, Rope, On the Waterfront, Scream, The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut, Se7en, Shaun of the Dead, Heat, Pulp Fiction, American Beauty, Chinatown, 12 Angry Men, the Lethal Weapons, City of God, Fargo, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Oldboy, Anchorman, Shame, True Romance, The Dark Knight and obviously plenty more. It's hard to include them all. My favourite director of all time is David Fincher currently followed by Stanley Kubrick. My other favourites are always varying depending on a genre I'm currently fascinated with. At the moment it's horror so I cannot stop watching films by James Wan - for which I did this piece, James Wan: A Retrospective -, Ti West and Wes Craven. I do love all genres and am willing to watch anything impartially.

My first online publication was a small site called The Industry Mole ran by Paul Furr (@JustCallMeFurry) which sadly does not exist any more. I began contributing there with my first published review being for Gavin O. Connor's Warrior, which I loved. Then I started doing retrospective reviews which began with my favourite film of all time, Fight Club. It went from there then to other sites. I began writing for HeyUGuys with my first post being about Edward Norton's career. It was titled The Resurgence of Edward Norton which was my first feature for the site back in October 2011. Soon I became a regular contributor, but I was not as prolific as I would like to have been. That all changed in September 2012 after my article, In Defence of Kristen Stewart, got the largest reaction I had ever received. It was after the alleged affair with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman although I didn't know about this as I usually don't pay attention to tabloid celebrity gossip. When this happened, it felt good to have readers, outspoken ones and a debate - even if a lot of the comments focused on something that wasn't touched upon in the article or the fact I don't like Twlight. Regardless, it felt good to have readers, it was a huge push to me finally wanting to make film my career - in any of its many fields.

I started writing for Next Projection in late 2012 too which is a great experience writing for a Canadian website led by the ever positive, ever helpful Christopher Misch. It's helped me explore more films and read great writing by people like Ronan Doyle who is incredibly talented - in fact I'm jealous of his ability to alliterate and make his writing deep, detailed yet still lyrical.

Another one of my outlets I branched into was originally titled PPSF but eventually focused more on comedy and was renamed Comedy Chords where I covered the film side of the site. Eventually it branched out into its own sister film site called Cinema Chords. Thanks to Howard Gorman, I did my first interview over email with Hayley-Marie Axe then my first phone interview with actor Nick Nevern. Since then I've interviewed a numerous amount of people in different fields, creating contacts, friends and more importantly improving my writing, gaining experience and learning more about films. I've learnt more about their production, post-production, how people get involved and more. Some of my favourite interviews for the website were Nicholas Winding Refn (as he's a personal favourite), Amy Seimetz, James Ward Byrkit, Aaron Guzikowski (writer of Prisoners, my favourite film of that year), Gareth Evans, the legendary William Fichtner, my extensive interview with Simon Barrett, AndrĂ©s & Barbara Muschetti, and Zal Batmanglij. Although all my interviews have gone exceptionally well so choosing favourites is redundant - in fact, the one that went the worst, is my Nicholas Winding Refn one which had great questions, but the director was distracted as he was doing the schoolrun with his kids (which is perfectly understandable).

It's great to learn these things because since switching courses from Economics to Film, I've experienced filmmaking first hand which has now created an interest and passion to go into filmmaking myself. I have the interest of telling stories, but I also enjoy the critical side of films. It's difficult to decide which one I prefer so I will pursue both. Films are my biggest passion. I have an interest in their production, their analysis, their entertainment value, their artistic merits and the way they can change your emotions. I see television as an extension of film too; a story told over a much longer period where you delve in with the characters and get to know them. Both are wonderful. I've rambled, I always can when it comes to film and television.

Anyway, this is a little bit of information into me. If you ever would like to contact me about doing writing or anything at all then you can email me at ashleynorris@outlook.com and you can catch me on Twitter: @ashleyrhys. It's greatly appreciated when people read my blog, it's wonderful knowing that my work has an audience and it's great knowing that there's an audience that really do enjoy it. Feel free to comment, get involved in the debate whether it's on here or on the sites where most of the work is published. Enjoy my blog and thank you for reading.